Deep Sea Fishing in the British Virgin Islands

© dta Deep Sea Fishing in the BVI

If you are hooked on fishing then a trip to the BVI won’t disappoint. The islands are home to some of the best sports fishing in the world.

While you are here, there are boats available for fishing charters, or many of the islands’ dedicated yacht charter companies can kit out your charter boat with all the fishing equipment you need.

Fishing in the BVI is world class…it has been for years. The BVI is home to the famous North Drop above Tortola, which claims the highest number of Blue Marlin strikes per day of anywhere in the World. And then there’s the schools of Wahoo, Dolphin Fish, Tuna, Sailfish, White Marlin and Kingfish that hungrily feed around the Islands.

Kids Fishing at Trellis Bay

© dta Kids Fishing at Trellis Bay

Anegada in particular is known for some of the finest shallow water and deep-sea fishing in the world. For those interested in fly-fishing, Anegada's waters offer a wide variety of game fish. Fishermen can spend hours in water eight inches to two feet deep casting into schools of silver bonefish. Although these fish typically weigh between three and ten pounds, they are, pound for pound, the strongest fighting fish in the world.

Fisherman can also rent a classic wooden boat or a newer ocean kayak and cruise the mangroves or flats where they will find bonefish, tarpon, snooke, jacks, and of course, the barracuda.

Deep Sea Fishing in the British Virgin Islands

© dta Deep Sea Fishing in the BVI

The Northern drop-off of Anegada borders the Atlantic Ocean making deep-sea fishing plentiful.Charters are available with knowledgeable local guides. Using ballyhoo, small baitfish and feather hoochies, fishermen will cast for trophy-sized game fish such as yellow fin and black fin tuna, wahoo, dolphin (dorado) and blue marlin.

Traditional local fishermen also use small skiffs to catch snapper and triggerfish in fish traps to sell to island restaurants. Anegada lobster, famous throughout the islands, is caught in pots and fishermen dive for conch off the beaches north of the salt ponds.



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