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Dolphins at Dolphin Discovery, BVI

© dta Dolphins at Dolphin Discovery

The BVI is famous for diving and its rich marine life, but nowadays you don’t have to don a wetsuit and plunge into the depths to experience the magic of the sea.

As well as the scuba and swimming with Dolphins, in the BVI there a number of options open to visitors - who don’t want to get into water to experience the world beneath.

Viewing Boats

Caribbean Undersea Adventures’ ‘BVEye’ experience is one excellent way to do this. This new company has brought the technology that discovered the Titanic to the Caribbean - so that you and I can also experience swimming alongside a turtle or peering through the door of a shipwreck without ever getting your feet wet.

Caribbean Undersea Adventures are based at Nanny Cay in Tortola.

Swimming with Dolphins

One of the most popular activities in the BVI is the Dolphin Discover Centre on Tortola. This activity has appeal to young and old alike and the opportunity to interact with these amazing, intelligent creatures seems to have an unrivalled ability to engage and delight us in equal measure.
Dolphin Discovery is based at Prospect Reef resort in Tortola.

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