Beaches & Bays of the BVI

Photo of Apple Bay, Tortola

© dta Apple Bay, Tortola

The beaches and bays in the the British Virgin Islands are not only beautiful but are almost always uncrowded and often deserted.

Each beach is unique so whether your looking for a soft white sand as far as you can see or if you'd prefer to have a beach shack on hand for some daquiries, there is something for you.

Snorkelling, sunbathing, surfing or just exploring - we have a beach for everything. Even avid surfers will be thrilled by the long north swells that roll lazily in during the winter months on Tortola's north shore.

British Virgin Islands beaches have been voted the "best beaches" by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine.

Ever wonder how The Baths at Virgin Gorda came to be? Click here to read an article by Julian Putley about The BVIs’ Natural Wonder: “The Baths.”

Beaches & Bays of the British Virgin Islands
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Apple Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Apple Bay

Apple Bay is a cool spot to hang out, sip a drink and watch the sun go down over your surfboard…

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Baughers Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Baughers Bay

Busy bay in Road Town, Tortola - home to the ferry port.

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Big Trunk Bay (Virgin Gorda)
Photo of Big Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay, one of a series of awe inspiring white sand beaches on Virgin Gorda's western shore.

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Brandywine Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Brandywine Bay

A great stretch of white sand and flat calm waters for swimming and snorkelling.

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Brewers Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Brewers Bay

Brewers Bay is a secret hideaway - a perfect cove hidden away in a sheltered bay on the North Shore of Tortola. It is off the usual tourist trail, and is a more popular spot with locals at weekends.

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Buttonwood Bay (Peter Island)
Photo of Buttonwood Bay

Buttonwood Bay on Peter Island is a beautiful sandy and secluded beach and is home to the Lazy Iguana Beach Club.

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Cane Garden Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Cane Garden Bay

Tortola’s most famous beach is popular with visitors who like to be at the centre of it all - as the beach plays host to an array of restaurants, water sports companies, shops and bars.

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Carrot Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Carrot Bay

Once a bustling fishing village, Carrot Bay is a centre of local island life.

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Cooper Bay (Tortola)

Cooper Bay is located on Tortola's North shore, North of Road Town.

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Cooten Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Cooten Bay

Cooten Bay is on the North Shore of Tortola.

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Cow Wreck Bay (Anegada)
Photo of Cow Wreck Bay

Miles of pristine, white beach on Anagada facing the famous ocean reef lagoons.

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Deadmans Bay (Peter Island)
Photo of Deadmans Bay

Considered by many to be one of the Caribbean's most beautiful beaches.

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Devils Bay (Virgin Gorda)
Photo of Devils Bay

Devil’s Bay is yet another picture perfect beach - just along from The Baths in Virgin Gorda.

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Diamond Cay (Jost Van Dyke)
Photo of Diamond Cay

A national park area with great hiking. There is also a new, purpose built dock and Foxy's Taboo Bar and restaurant.

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Fat Hogs Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Fat Hogs Bay

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Fischers Cove (Virgin Gorda)
Photo of Fischers Cove

A tranquil quarter mile, bohio studded, white sand beach lapped by turquoise waters.

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Fish Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Fish Bay

Fish Bay in Tortola in purely a waters edge bay area with no beach to speak of and no tourist attractions. The Bay area is surrounded by industrial and commercial companies, primarily automotive.

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Fort Recovery Beach (Tortola)
Photo of Fort Recovery Beach

Fort Recovery beach is a wonderful and relaxing place to spend the day.

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Great Harbour (Peter Island)
Photo of Great Harbour

A small beach, mooring buoys and great snorkelling are available at Great Harbour

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Great Harbour (Jost Van Dyke)
Photo of Great Harbour

A picture-postcard harbour at the foot of the dramatic green peaks of Jost Van Dyke.

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