Beaches & Bays of the BVI

Photo of Apple Bay, Tortola

© dta Apple Bay, Tortola

The beaches and bays in the the British Virgin Islands are not only beautiful but are almost always uncrowded and often deserted.

Each beach is unique so whether your looking for a soft white sand as far as you can see or if you'd prefer to have a beach shack on hand for some daquiries, there is something for you.

Snorkelling, sunbathing, surfing or just exploring - we have a beach for everything. Even avid surfers will be thrilled by the long north swells that roll lazily in during the winter months on Tortola's north shore.

British Virgin Islands beaches have been voted the "best beaches" by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine.

Ever wonder how The Baths at Virgin Gorda came to be? Click here to read an article by Julian Putley about The BVIs’ Natural Wonder: “The Baths.”

Beaches & Bays of the British Virgin Islands
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Green Cay (Jost Van Dyke)
Photo of Green Cay

An excellent diving and snorkelling spot on calm days.

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Gun Creek (Virgin Gorda)
Photo of Gun Creek

Catch the various resort ferry's and launches from the jetty.

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Hodges Creek (Tortola)
Photo of Hodges Creek

Beautiful sheltered bay - makes an ideal overnight anchorage for charter boats. Also home to some good restaurants.

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Josiah's Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Josiah's Bay

A surfers paradise…Josiah’s Bay is probably the best surf beach in the BVI.

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Lambert Beach (Tortola)
Photo of Lambert Beach

One of the most delightful spots on Tortola - where a secluded beach white sandy beach meets the sparkling blue sea and combines to make the perfect tropical getaway.

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Larmers Bay (Tortola)

Larmers Bay is located on the North shore of Tortola and is home to the ruins of an old rum distillery.

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Leverick Bay (Virgin Gorda)
Photo of Leverick Bay

Leverick Bay is a great spot to spend the day with plenty to entertain all the family.

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Little Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Little Bay

Your very own private Carribbean beach.

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Little Dix Bay (Virgin Gorda)
Photo of Little Dix Bay

A magnificent beach set behind it’s own coral reef in a perfect cove.

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Little Harbour (Jost Van Dyke)
Photo of Little Harbour

A great spot to dine in the evenings - both Harris' Place or Sidney's Peace & Love Restaurant serve amazing fresh lobster.

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Loblolly Bay (Anegada)
Photo of Loblolly Bay

Loblolly Bay is one of the most visited spots on Anagada, mainly because of its great snorkeling and diving just off-shore.

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Long Bay (Virgin Gorda)
Photo of Long Bay

Long Bay is the ultimate secluded bay, it has a long beach with fine swimming and snorkeling.

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Long Bay (East End) (Tortola)
Photo of Long Bay (East End)

A secluded and spectacular beach with safe swimming in turquoise waters for all the family.

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Long Bay (West End) (Tortola)
Photo of Long Bay (West End)

A mile long stretch of white sandy beach, with all the facilities you need right on hand.

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Mahoe Bay (Virgin Gorda)
Photo of Mahoe Bay

Mahoe Bay forms a tropical lagoon great for swimming, snorkelling and watersports.

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Manchioneel Bay (Cooper Island)
Photo of Manchioneel  Bay

Manchioneel Bay - named after the tree with poisonous, small green apples is a beautiful long sandy beach with plenty of shade.

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Marina Cay (Tortola)
Photo of Marina Cay

Charming 8 acres island, a short (complimentary) ferry ride from Trellis Bay.

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Nail Bay (Virgin Gorda)
Photo of Nail Bay

Nail Bay is located on the West coast of Virgin Gorda on the beach coast.

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Nanny Cay (Tortola)
Photo of Nanny Cay

If you’re looking for a bit of hustle and bustle in the midst of your tropical escape - then head to Nanny Cay.

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North Sound (Virgin Gorda)
Photo of North Sound

The North Sound is a boater's dream in terms of location, facilities and beauty. There are numerous resorts, restaurants, shops and water sports offerings all based in these well protected waters.

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