Getting Around / Transportation in the BVI

A photo showing an aerial view of the BVI from a Charter Plane

© dta View of BVI from a Charter Plane

The BVI is an unspoilt paradise and as such, has fairly limited public transport and some adverse journey's to get to your destinations.

To make things easier, there are a number of companies offering varying rental, hire and taxi services to get you around the islands.

If you are looking for a private air charter flight in to the BVI as a little treat or perhaps want to hop between islands in style, you should check out the list of air charter companies in the BVI, click here for the full list.

If you're looking for a sea based cruise to another island, check our the various ferry operators in the BVI.

To cruise around one of the islands in your own time, there are a number of car and scooter rentals companies.

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