Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Island

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Jost Van Dyke is often known as the ‘friendly island’, as although there are only 200 inhabitants on this idyllic isle they are very welcoming people.

Jost is a small island – only four miles by three miles in size but it rises up steeply from the sea and reaches over 1000 feet at its highest point. It is home to some of the best beaches, the warmest hospitality and the strongest cocktails!

The Soggy Dollar Bar on White Bay is a highlight of anyone’s visit to Jost. A stunning white beach that has been described as one of the best in the Caribbean is home to this legendary bar that claims to have originally invented the BVI’s signature cocktail -The Painkiller.

White Bay Jost Van Dyle

© dta White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

The reason it’s called The Soggy Dollar is because most people arrive at White Bay by boat - and then have to swim to shore with their money in their swimming shorts!

Another world-renowned entertainment spot on Jost is Foxy’s Bar. Foxy himself is known by sailors all over the world as a colourful character who likes a sing, a drink and a good time and he can often be found chilling-out in his beachside bar at Great Harbour.

Foxy’s is probably best known for its famous Old Year’s Night parties that last two days and are reported to be one of the best places in the world to see in a new year – whatever you call it!

In the autumn and winter visitors may have the pleasure of observing whales and dolphins from a peaceful hilltop.

Or you can visit the East End of the island and hike to a spot where the foaming seas form a natural Jacuzzi amongst the rocks - known locally as the ‘champagne pools’ or the ‘bubbling pools’.

From the main island you can also visit Little Jost and Sandy Cay, which are only a short boat ride away.

On nearby Great Tobago you'll find excellent advanced dive sites, and a marine sanctuary that is a haven for a nesting colony of frigate birds.

Regular ferries take visitors to Jost Van Dyke from Tortola or you can charter your own motorboat or yacht and travel there yourself. There is plenty of accommodation on Jost whether you are looking for a simple campground by the beach or a small hotel.

The Jost Van Dykes Preservation Society (JVDPS) is a private, not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to the preservation of the island of Jost Van Dyke and its surrounding areas. To find out more information, visit

Jost Van Dyke Map

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