Jost Van Dyke Beaches & Bays

White Bay, Jos Van Dyke

© dta White Bay, Jos Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke is home to some of the most scenic and untouched beaches in the Caribbean.

Snorkling is possible on most beaches although some have more active coral and sea life than others.

British Virgin Islands beaches have been voted the "best beaches" by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine.

Beaches & Bays of the British Virgin Islands

Diamond Cay (Jost Van Dyke)
Photo of Diamond Cay

A national park area with great hiking. There is also a new, purpose built dock and Foxy's Taboo Bar and restaurant.

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Great Harbour (Jost Van Dyke)
Photo of Great Harbour

A picture-postcard harbour at the foot of the dramatic green peaks of Jost Van Dyke.

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Green Cay (Jost Van Dyke)
Photo of Green Cay

An excellent diving and snorkelling spot on calm days.

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Little Harbour (Jost Van Dyke)
Photo of Little Harbour

A great spot to dine in the evenings - both Harris' Place or Sidney's Peace & Love Restaurant serve amazing fresh lobster.

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Sandy Cay (Jost Van Dyke)
Photo of Sandy Cay

The ideal tropical, desert island, dotted with palm trees on wide, gently sloping beaches.

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Sandy Spit (Jost Van Dyke)
Photo of Sandy Spit

This is your very own desert island…treasure it.

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White Bay (Jost Van Dyke)
Photo of White Bay

Aptly named for it’s beautiful stretch of white sandy beach, White Bay is one of the most visually stunning bays in the BVI.

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