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Cuisine in the British Virgin Islands is some of the best in the Caribbean, whether you are looking for traditional Caribbean dishes, French, Asian or a fusion of everything, their is a restuarant to satisfy your palette. In addition, the restaurants of the BVI are placed in unique locations, whether you want to dine next to the sea or have spectacular views of the islands - you will find a something for your mood and your wallet!

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BVI Restaurant Directory
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Mac's Restaurant & Bakery (Tortola)
  • 284-494-6364

Mac's Restaurant & Bakery specializes in local dishes such as fish, baked chicken, roti, salads, pizza, and pastries.

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Mad Dog (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284-495-5830

Close to the Baths, Mad Dog is a cool and breezy bar with a panoramic view. It serves drinks as well as a variety of sandwiches and ice creams.

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Maria's by the Sea Hotel & Restaurant (Tortola)
  • 284-494-2595
  • 284-494-2420

Conveniently nestled on the waterfront in the heart of Road Town, all rooms are air-conditioned, dine at Maria's restaurant for fresh lobster, conch, fish, steak, and liver dishes.

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Midtown Restaurant (Tortola)
  • 284-494-2764

Located in the center Road Town, the Midtown Restaurant typical local fare. Disches include curried chicken and mutton, conch soup, stewed beef ribs, jerk chicken and chicken roti.

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Mine Shaft Cafe (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284 495 5260
  • 284 495 5480

Offering a 360 degree view and a continental style menu

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Mountain View (Tortola)
  • 284-495-9536

Located at the entrance to Sage Mountain National Park, offers excellent rotis, a fresh fish, grilled lobster, baby back ribs (lunch only), grilled steak with herb butter and conch in a lime butter sauce.

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Mrs Scatliffes Restaurant (Tortola)
  • 284 495 4556

home-cooked meals right on the deck of her island home

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Myett’s Garden and Grille (Tortola)
  • 284 495 9649
  • 284 495 9579

Caribbean cuisine at its best.

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Nail Bay Resort (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284 4948000
  • 284 4955875

A 146 acre Villa Hotel and Resort

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Neptune's Treasure (Anegada)
  • 284 495 9439
  • 284 495 8060

Neptune's Treasure's guest rooms are en suite.

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New Happy Lion (Tortola)
  • 284-494-2574

Located next to the Botanic Gardens, New Happy Lion is noted for its fresh fish and local dishes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available.

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Nexus Cafe, Bar & Grille (Tortola)
  • 284-494-8158

Located in the heart of Road Town, Nexus Cafe, Bar & Grille offer a wide selection of dishes including Asian, Italian and Mediterranean.

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North Shore Shell Museum Bar & Restaurant (Tortola)
  • 284-495-4714

This restaurant is located in Carrot Bay on the North Shore, specialities inclde cracked conch, grilled lobster and home style cooking.

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One Love Bar & Grill (Jost Van Dyke)
  • 284-495-9829

Beach Bar and Grill.

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Palm's Delight (Tortola)
  • 284-495-4863

Palm's Delight is a charming water front restaurant offering good food for a modest budget and serves pates, rotis, shrimp Creole and other local spec

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Peg Leg Landing (Tortola)
  • 284 494 0028
  • 284 494 0379

Peg Leg's Landing Restaurant lunch and dinner

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Pelican's Cafe (Tortola)
  • 284-495-1515

This open-air restaurant at Hodge's Creek is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, has hearty fare and a casual ambiance right on the waterfront.

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Peter Island Resort (Peter Island)
  • 800 346 4451
  • 770 476 9988

Experience a private island paradise that is truly unique.

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Pirates Bight (Norman Island)
  • 284-496-7827-

Restaurant and bar located on the beach at The Bight, Norman Island.

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Pisces Restaurant & Bar (Tortola)
  • 284-495-3154

Pisces Restaurant & Bar specializes in home-cooked West Indian dishes including shrimp, shellfish, beef, mutton and an array of desserts. All diners are entitled to limited free internet access.

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