Tortola Beaches & Bays

Mocko Jumbies in Road Town, Tortola

© dta Apple Bay, Tortola

Tortola is home to some of the most scenic and untouched beaches in the Caribbean. For surfers, boogie boarders or those that just love to play in the waves, the beaches on the North Shore have the most wave action. Despite the waves, the beaches on Tortola are incredibly safe, having long steadily sloping sand banks where you can walk right out and only find yourself waist deep!

Snorkling is possible on most beaches although some have more active coral and sea life than others.

British Virgin Islands beaches have been voted the "best beaches" by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine.

Beaches & Bays of the British Virgin Islands
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Apple Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Apple Bay

Apple Bay is a cool spot to hang out, sip a drink and watch the sun go down over your surfboard…

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Baughers Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Baughers Bay

Busy bay in Road Town, Tortola - home to the ferry port.

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Brandywine Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Brandywine Bay

A great stretch of white sand and flat calm waters for swimming and snorkelling.

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Brewers Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Brewers Bay

Brewers Bay is a secret hideaway - a perfect cove hidden away in a sheltered bay on the North Shore of Tortola. It is off the usual tourist trail, and is a more popular spot with locals at weekends.

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Cane Garden Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Cane Garden Bay

Tortola’s most famous beach is popular with visitors who like to be at the centre of it all - as the beach plays host to an array of restaurants, water sports companies, shops and bars.

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Carrot Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Carrot Bay

Once a bustling fishing village, Carrot Bay is a centre of local island life.

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Cooper Bay (Tortola)

Cooper Bay is located on Tortola's North shore, North of Road Town.

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Cooten Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Cooten Bay

Cooten Bay is on the North Shore of Tortola.

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Fat Hogs Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Fat Hogs Bay

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Fish Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Fish Bay

Fish Bay in Tortola in purely a waters edge bay area with no beach to speak of and no tourist attractions. The Bay area is surrounded by industrial and commercial companies, primarily automotive.

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Fort Recovery Beach (Tortola)
Photo of Fort Recovery Beach

Fort Recovery beach is a wonderful and relaxing place to spend the day.

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Hodges Creek (Tortola)
Photo of Hodges Creek

Beautiful sheltered bay - makes an ideal overnight anchorage for charter boats. Also home to some good restaurants.

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Josiah's Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Josiah's Bay

A surfers paradise…Josiah’s Bay is probably the best surf beach in the BVI.

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Lambert Beach (Tortola)
Photo of Lambert Beach

One of the most delightful spots on Tortola - where a secluded beach white sandy beach meets the sparkling blue sea and combines to make the perfect tropical getaway.

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Larmers Bay (Tortola)

Larmers Bay is located on the North shore of Tortola and is home to the ruins of an old rum distillery.

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Little Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Little Bay

Your very own private Carribbean beach.

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Long Bay (East End) (Tortola)
Photo of Long Bay (East End)

A secluded and spectacular beach with safe swimming in turquoise waters for all the family.

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Long Bay (West End) (Tortola)
Photo of Long Bay (West End)

A mile long stretch of white sandy beach, with all the facilities you need right on hand.

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Marina Cay (Tortola)
Photo of Marina Cay

Charming 8 acres island, a short (complimentary) ferry ride from Trellis Bay.

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Nanny Cay (Tortola)
Photo of Nanny Cay

If you’re looking for a bit of hustle and bustle in the midst of your tropical escape - then head to Nanny Cay.

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