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Mocko Jumbies in Road Town, Tortola

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Tortola is home to some of the most scenic and untouched beaches in the Caribbean. For surfers, boogie boarders or those that just love to play in the waves, the beaches on the North Shore have the most wave action. Despite the waves, the beaches on Tortola are incredibly safe, having long steadily sloping sand banks where you can walk right out and only find yourself waist deep!

Snorkling is possible on most beaches although some have more active coral and sea life than others.

British Virgin Islands beaches have been voted the "best beaches" by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine.

Beaches & Bays of the British Virgin Islands
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Road Harbour (Tortola)
Photo of Road Harbour

Road Harbour is Road Town's primary water front, hosting the main ferry dock and customs.

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Rogue Bay (aka Lava Flow) (Tortola)
Photo of Rogue Bay (aka Lava Flow)

West of Josiah's Bay, Rogue Bay is only accessible by water or by an adventurous 4 wheel drive and then a steep walk.

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Sea Cow Bay (Tortola)

A large bay on the southern coast of Tortola with marina facilities but no beaches.

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Shark Bay (Tortola)

Shark Bay is an 18.4 acre national park and is located on the dramatic point above Brewer's Bay on the island's north shore. It has a cave structure formed by natural boulders that makes an excellent resting place.

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Smugglers Cove (Tortola)
Photo of Smugglers Cove

One of the most idyllic beaches in the BVI, and many people's favourite.

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Sopers Hole (Tortola)
Photo of Sopers Hole

A pituresque and friendly marina on Tortola.

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Trellis Bay (Tortola)
Photo of Trellis Bay

Trellis Bay is a bustling little community on the beach, just beside the airport on Beef Island.

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Trunk Bay (Tortola)

Trunk Bay is located directly north of Road Town and is accessible only by iking down from the Ridge Road or by boat but the trip  is well worth the effort as its a wonderful secluded beach on Tortola's ocean coast.

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