Virgin Gorda Dining & Restaurants

Lobster at Leverick Bay Restautant

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From rustic Caribbean beach shacks to the finest dining in the Caribbean – Virgin Gorda has it all.

You can dine in formal surroundings at some of the best restaurants in the islands, at locations such as Biras Creek and Little Dix Bay, or you can grab a burger or salad from the friendly staff at the many laid-back, beachside bars.

Virgin Gorda has a wealth of good restaurants and eateries, and we are sure you’ll find something to suit your taste and budget.

Virgin Gorda Dining & Restaurants
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Fischer's Cove Beach Hotel (Virgin Gorda)

Beach front cottages, hotel suites and restaurant

View the 'Fischer's Cove Beach Hotel' full details >

Fischer's Cove Beach Hotel (Virgin Gorda)

Beach front cottages, hotel suites and restaurant

View the 'Fischer's Cove Beach Hotel' full details >

Anything Goes (Virgin Gorda)

West Indian style Restaurant

View the 'Anything Goes' full details >

Bath & Turtle (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284 495 5239

Restaurant and Store

View the 'Bath & Turtle' full details >

Biras Creek (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284 494 3555


View the 'Biras Creek' full details >

Bitter End Yacht Club (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284 494 2746
  • 284 494 4756


View the 'Bitter End Yacht Club' full details >

Chez Bamboo (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284 495 5752

serving Creole and Caribbean cuisine

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Crab Hole (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284-495-5307

Crab Hole is a comfortable restaurant in the Valley of Virgin Gorda, specializing in Creole dishes including Callalou, local fish, and conch

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Fat Virgin's Cafe (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284 495 7052

Casual waterside caf is located dockside

View the 'Fat Virgin's Cafe' full details >

Flying Iguana (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284 495 5277

Menu includes fresh fish, lobster, and grilled foods.

View the 'Flying Iguana' full details >

Little Dix Bay Resort (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284 495 5555
  • 284 495 5661

Little Dix Bay is a garden paradise with a focus on ultimate privacy for its loy

View the 'Little Dix Bay Resort' full details >

Mad Dog (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284-495-5830

Close to the Baths, Mad Dog is a cool and breezy bar with a panoramic view. It serves drinks as well as a variety of sandwiches and ice creams.

View the 'Mad Dog' full details >

Mine Shaft Cafe (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284 495 5260
  • 284 495 5480

Offering a 360 degree view and a continental style menu

View the 'Mine Shaft Cafe' full details >

Nail Bay Resort (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284 4948000
  • 284 4955875

A 146 acre Villa Hotel and Resort

View the 'Nail Bay Resort' full details >

Poor Man's Bar (Virgin Gorda)

Beach bar located at The Baths offering a selection drinks and snacks including burgers, hot dogs and a variety of sandwiches.

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Rock Cafe (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284 495 5482

The Rock Caf offers casual dining, moonlight parties and entertainment

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Saba Rock Resort (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284 495 9966
  • 284 495 7373

One of the most unique properties in the world

View the 'Saba Rock Resort' full details >

Sand Box (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284-495-9122

Prickly Pear's Sand Box is a relaxed beach bar featuring burgers and salads for lunch, and steak, fish, and chicken for dinner.

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The Dog and Dolphin Bar & Grill (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284 494 8000

Open daily, Caribbean and International dishes.

View the 'The Dog and Dolphin Bar & Grill' full details >

The Pub Beach Bar (Virgin Gorda)
  • 284-494-2746

Situated right on the beach by the Bitter End Yacht Club, The Pub Beach Bar offers a selection of light snacks and drinks.

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